Craft & Community… How Do They Fit In This Puzzle?

A few years back my initial plan was to head off to university, double major in fine art and psychology to see if I could somehow make a career for myself in the little-known field of ‘art therapy’. That would have been the dream, but my patience is something that has grown with me and as a bright eyed 17-year old with a ton of drive and determination-and little to no patience…I was ready to begin making a difference, more or less, immediately.

 A shorter post-secondary career got me in the world of special education in less than 3 years where I could dive in head-first and make art and sensory exploration something that I could implement on the fly in times of need. Watercolour painting to calm someone feeling extra bouncy, or something as simple as a poster board and a crayon to help someone hash out the overwhelming feelings of frustration. It meant a great deal to me to see art and music having such an effect on the individuals I support…but I never considered the effect it could have on me. 

 A while back, I decided that on days that left me feeling defeated (which is absolutely okay-even when you love your job as much as I do) , I would teach myself a new skill or try to excel in something else before letting myself sleep on it. It wasn’t until after a very challenging day, that I picked up a crochet hook, made a strong tea and sat in front of YouTube for hours until I had a quarter of a blanket made. The feeling of accomplishment was overwhelming and I woke up the next day ready to face any adversity that came my way (and then see what else I could string together when I got home). That’s when I realized the effect of crafting on me, and the reason I’ve decided to use my hobby for the greater good.

 Crafted goods for the greater good…where a portion of sold items, designed by me, will be donated to local charitable organizations and initiatives supporting special education. 

Check back this week under “now available” to see items for order.

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