Empathy & Self-Care: Feeling Every Emotion a Little Too Deeply

I once came across a quote that read, “It is both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so very deeply” …words that resonated in my gut and thumped in my chest the second they ran through my brain. I am empathetic. No, I am not bragging, I am admitting a struggle I haveContinue reading “Empathy & Self-Care: Feeling Every Emotion a Little Too Deeply”

Answering Difficult Questions…Inclusion & Age Appropriateness

Disclaimer: When I speak about inclusion, I’m speaking to a mindset. The inherent (or learned) idea that all individuals should be given equal opportunity and treated like capable, contributing human beings. Often times, the word inclusion comes with a lot of opinions around whether immersing children with learning differences into mainstream classrooms works or doesn’tContinue reading “Answering Difficult Questions…Inclusion & Age Appropriateness”

Plenty to Say…There’s More to Communication than Simple Speech

I always get excited when I see individuals on the Autism Spectrum (or living with various levels of ability) represented in the media. It gives people who may not have the opportunity to work with these individuals daily, to have a little insight on what life may be like for them or their caregivers whileContinue reading “Plenty to Say…There’s More to Communication than Simple Speech”

Craft & Community… How Do They Fit In This Puzzle?

A few years back my initial plan was to head off to university, double major in fine art and psychology to see if I could somehow make a career for myself in the little-known field of ‘art therapy’. That would have been the dream, but my patience is something that has grown with me and asContinue reading “Craft & Community… How Do They Fit In This Puzzle?”

Love Meets Craft & Community…Let’s Talk About the Love

Documenting my life has been something I have considered for longer than I can remember. Not for any particular reason, not because it’s the latest trend or because I have some extraordinary life that would cause followers to “ooooh” and “ahhhh” at the unfathomable wonders of my daily routine. It is simply because of myContinue reading “Love Meets Craft & Community…Let’s Talk About the Love”